9 Signs It's Time To CANCEL Your Gym Membership

9 Signs It's Time To CANCEL Your Gym Membership

May 26 2015 0 Comments Tags: Funny, Workout

via [doyoueven]

1. Leaping over your goals isn't what it used to be.


2. You barely have time to get ready for school and fit in your cardio.

3. You think this is a good idea.

4. Your fish are getting in the way... This might be a good time to get a membership.

5. The machines are turning on you.

6. You refuse to do things the standard, safe, conventional way.

7. You constantly find yourself running into walls.

8. You underestimated the fitness classes all those "hot chicks" take.

9. Ask this guy if he has no clue what he's doing.. His answer?

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