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3 Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals

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Becoming the person you want to be in the gym, in business, or in any other area of your life revolves around being able to set and execute on goals. Most of us including myself from time to time get stuck in the grey area between goal setting and goal execution. In this blog we will go over 3 strategies for helping you take your goal, break it down into actionable steps and create daily habits which will lead you closer to your end point vision. Before we go any further take a look at this unique video by Tim Ferriss as he takes a different approach to achieving things in life, a different perspective is always refreshing.

Breaking Down the Macro into the Micro

1) One of the best ways to start achieving a goal it to take your major goal and break it down in daily, weekly and monthly goals which will keep you in line to your yearly goals.  Let’s say your yearly goal is to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle; instead of looking at this  as an overwhelming task you can break this down into much more manageable steps. Let's take a look at what this looks like 20 divided by 12 = 1.6 this means in order to hit your yearly goal you need to gain 1.6 pounds of muscle per month 1.6 divided 4 = 0.4 we know see that you only have to gain 0.4 pounds of muscle per week. Ok so now that we have broken down a goal of 20 pounds and shrunk it down to 0.4 what things in life can you do each day to make sure you gain 0.4 pounds per week? Well you can plan your meals every sunday so you know what you are eating, you can ensure you make time each and everyday to eat the proper macros that will get you there and you can plan your nutrient intake for nights out with friends and family. Here is a great tool for calculating macronutrient intake count those macros bro.

Hit Those Macros Everyday

A Goal Without a Plan is a Wish

2) Another great way to ensure you consistently hit your goals is to take 1 hour of Sunday nights and plan out your week. Grab a notebook and a pen and write down your goals for the week

Example goals for the week: workout 5 times, hit macros everyday, read 1 book, study 4-5 hours for midterm, enjoy Saturday night with friends, meditate twice, do 1 nice thing for someone everyday. Now that you have your goals for the week write out a list of everything you have to do for the week: 12 hours of class, doctors appointment, grocery shopping, meal prepping. Once you have all of this information in front of you begin filling in each day with what you are going to do and when. This will help you see a clear vision of your week and will leave much less room for wasted time and aimless activity. Lastly the following week when you go to plan your next week you can do a review of your past week; see what goals you hit; what goals you missed and think about why you hit or missed your goals. Here is a link to help make the meal prep part of your week that much easier and manageable: Meal Planning tips from men's health.

Surround yourself with those who share the same vision

3)This last part is short and sweet. You will never get to where you want to be in life if you accept mediocrity into your life. In order to gain that muscle, find that dream job, build that business, or have those strong and loving relationships you must always surround yourself with people who are trying to make themselves better in life and chasing their own goals and dreams. To become a wolf you must surround yourself with wolves. Just for some extra motivation here is the Don’s rules for success Arnold's Laws Of Success.

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