WARNING: Don't Try This At Home - Exploding Shaker Bottles!

WARNING: Don't Try This At Home - Exploding Shaker Bottles!

Jun 02 2015 0 Comments

"The smell of death" - If you have ever left a shaker cup with some protein in it for a couple of weeks, you know the smell. It is enough to peel the skin off your face. There are many tried and tested ways to try and remove the smell once it is there, however, most of the time the shaker bottle is a write-off.

Here's where the story begins, and goes downhill quick.

A UK teenager suffered third-degree burns after a plastic protein shaker containing boiling water exploded over his face. Dion Chilton, 19, poured boiling water into the drink container to sterilise it but when he put the lid on, the high heat and pressure caused it to explode. The math student said he feared he was going blind as the water scalded his face and his skin started to peel off. His older brother Brendan, 25, found him writhing in agony on his kitchen floor and called emergency services.

 Dion was rushed to the William Harvey Hospital in his home town of Ashford, Kent, after the accident on May 17. Dion, who is studying at Kent University, said: “I poured water from the kettle in a small [shaker], put the lid on and where the water was boiling and there was too much steam it just exploded in my face."

“All my skin started peeling off my face.” “I could only see black and I was panicking that I had lost my eyesight.” 

He added: “I suppose my warning is just to not let me sterilize your flasks [shakers].”

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