Living Your Life: Sticking To Your Diet At Social Events

Living Your Life: Sticking To Your Diet At Social Events

Jun 16 2015 0 Comments Tags: Diet

Guest Blogger: Lina Morghati

Summer time is around the corner, and the thing that is on many people's mind is maintaining their shape or getting in shape. Summer time also means an extra active social life, and if every time your go out and let yourself slip from your diet, by the end of the summer you won't have that hard earned six pack anymore.

Here are some basic tips that will help you trough your fitness journey without crushing your social life!

1. Keep your cheat meal for the night you’re going out.

By keeping your cheat meal for that night you’ll be going to eat (and drink) with friends, you’ll be able to enjoy the night guilt free, just like everyone else!

2. Instead of drinking all kinds of refreshments, go for calories free drinks, or even ice cold BCAAS.

Drinking is an easy way to take in way more carbs and calories than what we are aiming for according to our goals. Whenever you need some refreshments, go for a calorie free version of your favourite beverages, whether it is iced tea, calorie free soda, or even better; low calorie ice cold BCAAs. My personal favorites are FitMiss BCAA (Blue Raspberry) and MuscleTech Amino Build (Fruit Punch). Sipping BCAAs when you’re active , or around the pool, keeps you hydrated and ANABOLIC.


3. When ordering, stick with whole foods .

Let’s say you are out, and you’re about to order some food at the restaurant. Stick what you would usually eat. My point is: you can treat yourself without completely blowing your diet for the day/week.

4. Alcohol is a carb.

Alcohol is metabolized in your body and used as a source of energy, just like anything else. And, when you are drinking, you are usually overindulging fast or high fat foods. The main takeaway here is that if you are going to drink, be sensible about it and try to limit it as much as possible.

Plan your cheat meals while keeping your fitness goals in mind. Meanwhile, stay active!



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