Whole Body Beautiful Workout Plan

Whole Body Beautiful Workout Plan

Jun 23 2015 0 Comments Tags: Women's Health, Workout

Guest blogger: Rachel Morrison / @rachelmorrison_pt

Whole beautiful body.

When it comes to health and fitness I can talk for hours. But trying to find one topic was proving difficult. 

Until I was flicking through instagram one morning and I saw 3 pretty similar posts in a row. All claiming to give you the flat tummy, small waist and round booty you want. Which is great! Who doesn't want abs, a small waist and a nice Kim K bum? 

That got me thinking. When do you ever see a whole body post? Very rarely! 

So this post is dedicated to working your whole body and will leave you feeling strong & worked. It's going to work your legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and abs. 

Not only will this workout build your strength but it will also test your strength by using weights and your body weight. 

If you don't have any weights don't panic. Even using objects that are slightly heavier that what your used to will work to. So books, water bottles, full big jugs of milk are brilliant!

Here's how the workout looks; Do each set & reps with 30 seconds rest in between 

WEIGHTED STEP UPS    3 x 24 (12 each leg)

This works your legs and great for getting your heart rate up and a nice sweat on. Making sure you do 12 on one leg & then do 12 on the other you can get into a nice rhythm. You can do this on the bottom stair, a bench or a plyo box. 

LAT PULL APART     3 x 12 

Using resistance bands, or tights, holding the band in front of you, arms straight and at shoulder height. Simply pull the band apart, pinching your shoulder blades when your arms are out to the side and then back into the middle. 

PRESS UPS     3 x Failure

Hands just under your shoulders. By working to failure it means you have to push yourself to do as many push ups as you can. So start with a full push up, then drop to your knees and continue to push-up until you can't push up anymore. 

SHOULDER PRESS      3 x 12

Sitting with you back against a bench or chair, have your elbows at a right angle to your shoulders and your weights, in each hand, right angle to your shoulders. Straighten your arms, remember not to lock your elbows, and then being your arms back down to your starting position.  

BICEP CURLS      3 x 24 (12 each arm)

Making sure your elbows stay close to your waist, you can either curl the weight up arm by arm or both at the same time. If you do both at the same time only do 12 reps in total. You can also do bicep curls with resistance bands by standing in the middle of the band, taking each end in either hand and then curling it up to your chest. Make sure you also use the full range of motion. When I say that I mean all the way to your chest & back down to your thighs equals 1 rep.   

TRICEP DIPS      3 x 12

These babies can be done on a bench, chair, side of the bed, anything that means when you lower yourself to the floor your still hovering. Placing both hands on the edge of the bench and have your body hovering just away from the edge. If you keep your legs straight, heels on the ground, the exercise becomes harder. If that's too hard for you bend your knees slightly & put your feet flat on the ground. 

PLANK       3 x Failure

Now everyone knows how to plank. And it's a brilliant workout for the core. Not only does it work out abs but it also works your arms and shoulders. You can either do a straight arm plank or a bench arm plank depending on which you prefer. Make sure when your in the plank position you keep your core tight & squeeze your bum to avoid your back from curving & causing pain.


Give this plan a go twice a week mixed in with cardio and high intensity for optimum results! Remember to push yourself because at the end of the day it's down to you. But ultimately enjoy!

Rachel xo 

@rachelmorrison_pt / #fitnesswithrach

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