Up For Action: Pre-Workout Reviews And Picks

Up For Action: Pre-Workout Reviews And Picks

Jul 15 2015 0 Comments Tags: Pre-Workout

Guest Blogger: Cooper Jefferson

Getting up for a productive workout is often all about having the appropriate mindset. Mind you, adding a little extra boost to your energy level doesn’t tend to hurt, especially when it’s 5:55am and the founder of JackedScholar.ca is dragging you to the gym.

Either way, having participated in competitive sports for about as long as I can remember, I’ve had the chance to try some interesting blends of pre-workout formula. Choosing the appropriate pre-workout supplement can often present a daunting task, but that shouldn’t deter you from getting the most out of your gym time!

Some formulas (I’m looking at you 1MoreRep) have recently been toned down a little to comply with substance mandates stipulated by professional and semi-professional sports leagues. Whereas others still pack enough punch to launch you into thinking that you’re Ronnie Coleman for the first 20 or so minutes of your training-session (pro-tip: pre-workout doesn’t actually turn plates into peanuts).

That being said, most pre-workouts still contain Beta Alanine, which is the naturally occurring non-essential amino acid that causes that tingling sensation after consumption. It drives some people mad, but actually satisfies others. Myself? I enjoy some degree of satisfaction in knowing that my supplements are working, plus it helps keep me awake when it’s so early that the lights at the gym are still warming up – and I’m sitting under the bench press getting yelled at to keep my form.

My personal gym problems aside, here’s my take on the best current formulas out there at the moment:

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Boasting 1.5 grams of Beta Alanine, C4 will actually help to offset fatigue. This tried and tested formula is the popular brand that’s available in a wide range of different flavours. C4 will undoubtedly help you build a type of rhythm at the gym that creates contenders. For gymnut’s not named Schwarzenegger, having that C4 infused shot of extra endurance is the difference between pumping like the terminator and lifting like SpongeBob. Suitable pick for most sup consumers.

Arnold Series Iron Pump

Endorsed by the king himself, this fast acting formula goes down smooth and yields results. Be prepared to put in work though, Iron Pump doesn’t quite have the staying power of other pre-workouts, although it’s wide flavour selection is sure to keep your tailored tastes satisfied. Good value for money.

Cygen Decimate

Don’t be fooled by its seemingly inconspicuous packaging, decimate packs a punch! Mind you this product segment has seen a labeling arms race that would make Riff Raff look humdrum. Anyway, decimate is a #TeamJS personal favourite offering consistent performance with great value! Certainly give it a go.

MusclePharm Assault

This bad boy packs a serious kick, and is rich with enough Beta Alanine to sedate the likes of Jordan Belfort. This sup certainly contains an appropriate blend of vitamins, nutrients, and caffeine for users to derive meaningful value. Long lasting and great value – try the Blue Raspberry it goes down easy and tastes great! I highly recommend Assault (until it of course it turns out that the Monday night competitive squash league I participate in classifies it as a banded substance….)

All kidding aside, check out JackedScholar.ca and their awesome pre-workout selection.

Carry on #TeamJS!

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