The Invisible And Free Waist Trainer!

The Invisible And Free Waist Trainer!

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The latest and greatest “The Invisible Waist Trainer” is not sold anywhere, but is available to everyone at a low, low price of $0! What’s that? It’s Free?  Yes - you heard that right, it’s free!  You can’t buy it, you can’t see it, and best of all you won’t feel it!  But - here’s the best part - you will see the results.  I can’t give you a money back guarantee as - it’s free!  Well, almost free.  It may not cost you any money, but it will cost you a combination of time and dedication.  The results will not appear immediately, but depending on how much time and dedication you spend the results will be great and long lasting!  So how does it work?  I’m glad you asked - let me tell you!  For those of you who actually read to the end you will be given a bonus secret … for free!

Diet, Exercise and Time - the only 3 things required to obtain a slimmer waist.  You don’t need to bind yourself up, wearing an uncomfortable undergarment - just follow those three things and I guarantee you will see results.

1) Diet - Make Healthy Choices!  

I can’t say it enough … get rid of the sugar.  Sugar is the evil white dust that has taken over our nation and can be found everywhere.  Sometimes it is masked under hidden names, glucose, fructose, syrup, and dozens of others!   The fake stuff is just as bad as the real stuff.   Yes, I know …  fruit has sugar, but it’s natural and is processed differently by your body.  Although fruit is not to be avoided, don’t over consume it.  Two to three servings per day is plenty.  Processed Foods, limit them.  It’s tough to eliminate them, if you can that is ideal, however at the very least limit the amount of processed foods you eat.  Limit the whites - white potatoes, white bread, white rice.  There are lots of alternatives to the whites.  If you are a bread eater like I am, try Ezekiel bread … It is amazing! Alcohol.  I’m sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your diet is bang on and yet you are drinking copious amounts of alcohol one or two nights per week you are better off banging your head against a wall if your goal is that of a slimmer waistline.

2) Exercise - Don’t think about it just do it!  

There are so many websites available that provide really great training programs utilizing everything from weights in the gym to bodyweight exercises.  I don’t care which way you go, pick something, make a plan and stick to it.  Set aside a time each day just for you.  Don’t allow anything to get in the way of that time.  Thirty minutes to one hour out of your day is not going to change the outcome of the rest of your day in any less than a positive way.  Don’t fall into the trap of “I’m busy, I will get to it later” Later never comes - but tomorrow always does and it comes fast.  So next thing you know you are always waiting until later, but the tomorrows keep rolling in and then it’s the end of the week and you still haven’t HIIT it!

3) Time - You can’t rush it.  

You can however maximize it.  Depending on how much time and dedication you put into # 1 and #2 will depend on how long it takes for you to start seeing results.  Save yourself the $100 and don’t fall into the trap of trying to speed this process up with a new little gimmick that has hit the television commercials or facebook ads.  While these things may give the illusion of results, they are simply not going to replace the basics as far as long term, real results.

4) Bonus Secret - Learn to Vacuum!

It’s free! Easy to learn and you can literally do it anywhere!  Once you have mastered this technique, combined with a healthy diet and strength training - you can lose inches off of your waist in a matter of weeks.  With a stronger core, you are also going to see an added benefit of better posture and increased strength in the gym.  

So why were you considering the discomfort and cost of a squeem, corset, waist trainer or whatever you want to call that contraption that is uncomfortable and can possibly cause organ damage?  

Remember, there isn’t anything in life worth having that doesn’t come with effort.  If it were that easy everyone would be doing it!

Lift, love and laugh…

Donna Garron | @DonnaGarron
Canadian National Figure Competitor l Owner of Titanium Fitness & Contest Prep

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