WATCH: Utah Teacher Almost Fired Over Fitness Instagram Account

WATCH: Utah Teacher Almost Fired Over Fitness Instagram Account

Nov 02 2015 0 Comments Tags: Entertainment, Women's Health

A middle school teacher in Utah was almost fired over her fitness related Instagram posts. Things seem to have worked out in the end though - since news coverage of this story broke her Instagram has account has exploded to over 50,000+ followers AND she did not end up losing her job.

Thank you Internet.

via: [Tomo News]

MORONI, UTAH — Fitness fanatic Mindi Jensen, a teacher North Sanpete Middle School, in Moroni, Utah, was told this week she could lose her job if she didn't remove, or make private her bodybuilding photos on social media.

Apparently, the parents of a student recently found images on Jensen's Instagram page — @minscakes — to be "immodest" and "pornographic", according to local ABC affiliate KTVX.

The school asked her to remove or make the photos private, and at first she did as requested but then decided not to because many people find her story inspirational.
Jensen was even willing to risk her job over her right to post the pictures.

The photos, while indeed sexy, aren't exactly X-rated material. But that's not all to Jensen's story — she's also a divorced, single mother of four and reportedly got in shape because she was suffering from depression.

Following a school board meeting Wednesday, Jensen was told she was at no risk of losing her job.

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