Lifting For Life And Love

Lifting For Life And Love

Nov 06 2015 0 Comments Tags: Build Muscle, Weight Loss

In the past couple of years, I have developed this pesky habit of always trying to convince my friends and family to go and hit the gym harder, sleep more, and fix their nutrition. For some, it was very well received and they have made improvements in their lifestyle, and have seen positive benefits from the advice or guidance that I gave them. The issue lies with the other group of people, who to this day want to hit me every time I mention a barbell.

Coming from a pretty average high school background and focusing on my health, wellness, and strength more and more the past few years, I discovered how much fitness and health can positively affect one's life. That alone is what drives me to better myself and try to support and encourage others to do the same. There are four results that make your life infinitely better that originate from health and strength, and are the reason everyone in the world should lift weights, eat well, and sleep lots; health and longevity benefits, physical performance, looks and confidence, and life lessons learned from iron.

According to, it only takes 150 minutes of physical exercise per week to reap the benefits of fitness including: controlling weight, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, helping to quit smoking, fight anxiety and depression, and so many other things. It states that the benefits of physical fitness can be summed up as: boosting mental wellness, improving physical wellness, and prolonging optimal health. More broadly, being in good shape and strong will allow you to pursue life limitlessly.  When your partner asks you to go for a hike, you say yes. When your brother asks you to help him practice for his big tennis tournament, you say yes. When a friend challenges you to go rock climbing, you say YES! Whatever you care about, what lifestyle you live, what passions you have, being in shape will allow you to further pursue them and live life to the fullest.

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Man or woman, old or young, athlete or not, who in the world doesn’t want to improve their body image? Whether it be losing weight, gaining weight, big arms, or a nice bum, the principles of strength to accomplish these goals remain the same: Eat, Sleep, Train. When obeying these three very simple rules, you will gain the health and mental benefits, longevity, physical abilities improving, but also recognize inherent benefits, Confidence. Feeling like you have made progress is a great feeling, that feeling is double if that progress is noticed by your friends and family, but the highest sense of achievement comes from the recognition received by the general public, which counterintuitively is truly determined from within. When you feel sexy, you become sexy. Information from Rice University states that a negative self body image can result in eating disorders, decreasing healthy and active behaviours, and social withdrawal. On the flip side, when you are working out, sleeping, and eating right, your body image improves. With that, your attitude and confidence improves, you are more inclined to be healthy, and people’s perceptions of you increase! In simple terms, the key to happiness is a barbell.

Waking up at 5am day in and day out, lifting barbells heavier than your own bodyweight, and pushing yourself past where you thought that you could go have incredible benefits and life lessons associated. The final and arguably most definite reason why everyone should spend time in the gym is the life lessons that it teaches you; dedication and consistency, constant improvement and hard work, and the dream phase. It is common sense that you aren’t going to make progress in the gym if you only go on and off, but that extends to every other part of your life. The idea and belief that it requires an intense focus and repetitive work and behavior to make change will help you build relationships and accomplish large or frightening tasks. In the same line of thinking, it is not going to be effective if you stay deadlifting two plates forever, you need to push yourself and GRIND to see the growth that you want. Finally, it is important to dream. Nobody ever got everything that they wanted in life or in the gym by setting out with limitations. It is absolutely essential to believe in yourself fully, believe that you are going to squat 1000lbs, believe that you are going to retire with a huge house and your dream job, and believe that YOU CAN DO IT.

Jay Krause | @jkrause07 
Jay is an Honours Bachelor of Commerce student at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.

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