Top 5 Exercises To Build Bicep Peak

Top 5 Exercises To Build Bicep Peak

Dec 08 2015 0 Comments Tags: Biceps, Workout

Having a hard time growing your biceps? For some, it is easier to build mountain peak biceps that it is for others. We have put together a list (with the help of Rob Riches) of the top 5 bicep peak exercises - focusing on the techniques necessary to grow!

 1. Seated Dumbbell Curl

Key points:
-Sit upright, palms forward, and both arms rep at the same time
-Allow the arm to open/extend fully at the bottom of the movement
-Get a full squeeze/flex at the top of the movement

2. Single Arm Preacher Curl

Key points:
-Keep elbow and upper arm locked on the front of the preacher bench
-Arm doesn't need to fully extend, just get forearm parallel to the floor
-Can add in wrist twist at end of movement to emphasize peak

3. Suspension Curls

Key points:
-Rest knees on bench and let arms hang 
-Slow the tempo and focus on full range of motion
-Lower the weight to ensure full extension and flexion

4. Concentration Curls

Key points:
-Don't angle the arm too far in or out, keep elbow locked on the inside of your knee
-Concentrate on the movement and ensure each rep is at full range
-Don't swing upper body

5. High Cable Pulls

Key points:
-Can be done at different heights (seated or standing)
-Keep rest of body stationary, focus on control through the motion

You can see the full in-depth video with more points below!

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