Product Spotlight: Beyond Yourself Whey Recovery

Product Spotlight: Beyond Yourself Whey Recovery

Dec 10 2015 0 Comments Tags: Beyond Yourself, Product Spotlight, Protein

Beyond Yourself: Whey Recovery

Price/Servings: $59.99 - 5LB (63 Serving)

What is it: 
A purely sourced New Zealand whey protein powder that packs 23g of highly bio-available protein per scoop. Additionally, this protein is certified free from banned substances and is sweetened naturally with stevia leaf to avoid blood sugar spikes and unwanted side effects from artificial sweeteners. 

When to take it:
Ideally the best time to take it is immediately after your workout, or within the 30 minute anabolic window that follows. It can also be taken throughout the day to help you meet your required protein needs.

Why Beyond Yourself:
A proudly Canadian company, Beyond Yourself strives to produce the highest quality supplements with the safest and most scientifically researched formulas. With this product quality and price point, you can't go wrong with Beyond Yourself Whey Recovery!


Bonus: Check out the Isolate version of this product below!


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