The Top 5 Pre-Workouts of 2015

The Top 5 Pre-Workouts of 2015

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The Top 5 Pre-Workouts of 2015 In Canada

Another year has come and (almost) gone, and we're here to review the top 5 pre-workouts of 2015 in Canada. Nowadays it seems like there is a new pre-workout popping up on the market every other Wednesday, but only 5 can take the top spots, so without further ado... Here they are!

1. Cellucor C4 Extreme

Cellucor C4 Extreme Canada

This one is a given by pretty much everyone who has tried it. 

Harnessing unmatched NO3 technology and premium ingredients such as Creatine Nitrate, Cellucor C4 has the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and workout regimen, workout after workout after workout. Pssst, keep an eye out for the 4th generation of C4 to hit the shelves in Canada in 2016!

2. ProSupps Mr. Hyde

ProSupps Mr.Hyde Canada

Many referred to it as the most "wicked" pre-workout on the market. Wicked in terms of insane energy and massive pumps, it also helped a lot of us smash through some dusty old PRs. Did you meet your Mr.Hyde in 2015?

3. Cobra Labs The Curse

Cobra Labs The Curse Canada
This product took the market by storm in 2015 and introduced us to a new level of focus, pumps, and energy. Cobra Labs took out a lot of fillers found in other pre-workouts, so you can be confident you are getting pure ingredients in a concentrated dose each time! If there is really such a thing as a curse, we'd be happy to have this one put on us.

4. MuscleTech Anarchy

MuscleTech Anarchy Canada


Hitting our website in mid 2015, MuscleTech Anarchy has been a hit with Canadian consumers. Loaded with a massive 3g of beta-alanine and 270mg of caffeine in each serving, you are bound to take things to another level in the gym with this product!

5. MusclePharm Assault Black

MusclePharm Assault Black Canada 

Last but not least is MusclePharm Assault black. The scientists at MusclePharm took their already massively popular Assault pre-workout and took things to another stratosphere - on the dark side. No proprietary blends and amazing flavours, MP Assault Black will allow you to bring your workouts to another level!

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