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Beyond Yourself AMRAP

  • AMRAP supports lean muscle growth, decreases muscle soreness, stimulates fat loss and increases muscular energy.
  • AMRAP is the perfect zero carb, anabolic 4:1:1 BCAA endurance formula that packs a whopping 4.8g of Leucine per scoop!
  • Adding L-Carnitine help transport long chain fatty acids and burn them off as fuel which helps promote weightless
  • 200mg of Magnesium help promote muscle output and hydration during exercise
  • Designed for sport, AMRAP not only helps improve recovery time, it helps improve muscle function/growth, increase natural energy levels and stimulate your metabolism.
  • Designed to be taken as an endurance/recovery product both intra and post workout.
  • Available in 7 mouth watering fruit flavours and made using natural colours.
  • NPN certified

Beyond Yourself AMINO-IQ 

  • Amino-IQ promotes alertness, wakefulness and enhances cognitive performance.
  • This product has 3:1:1 vegan BCAA, caffeine and proven nootropic ingredients (full dose of ALPHA GPC, 1200mg)
  • Naturally sweetened (Stevia) and made using natural colours 
  • This product is perfect for anyone looking to enhance cognitive function and promote energy and peak performance levels while studying, at work or at gym.
  • All the get up and go of those cans telling you they'll help you "fly", without the sugar and with all the health benefits of BCAAs (3.6g Leucine) and actual proven nootropics that support cognitive health and brain function.
  • Can be taken for both mental and physical performance.
  • NPN certified
BONUS:  AMINO-IQ is part of Beyond Yourself's Candy Shoppe Series. If you know Beyond Yourself, you know their products taste incredible, this new candy series is light years ahead of anything else out there.


  • Both are terrific supplements and use proven ingredients in scientifically recommended doses. 
  • Amino-IQ has the health benefits of aminos but it's mainly designed as a cognitive catalyst for brain performance during mental and physical activities (Studying, working, training, etc)
  • AMRAP is purely designed as a sports supplement, offering 4:1:1 vegan BCAA (4.8g of Leucine), L-Carnitine and Magnesium. Making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to improve muscular performance and recovery.
Overall, if you are looking for muscular performance, growth and recovery AMRAP is the right choice for you. If you need an energy boost and increased cognitive performance then AMINO-IQ is exactly what you need. 

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