Are Supplements Safe To Take?

Are Supplements Safe To Take?

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Are Supplements Safe?

Supplements are also commonly referred to as dietary supplements, herbal supplements, or sports & nutrition supplements. Supplements are ingestible products that contain an ingredient or ingredients that are intended to enhance your diet and workout regime. In essence, they 'supplement' the diet. Supplement ingredients may be one, or a combination of the following: herbs, botanical extracts, and mineral compounds. Supplements can also be used to enhance the uptake of other substances within the body. Supplement products come in all shapes and sizes but are most commonly found in powder form, tablets, capsules, or liquids. When used correctly, supplements can dramatically enhance your overall health, diet and fitness level.

Supplements in 2017

2017 has seen the supplement industry become more stringent than ever in Canada. Supplement companies are now answering the questions asked of them and are making strides to provide full transparency on labels and advertising claims. Health Canada has always been a top dog in supplement regulation, by having some of the strictest global laws around supplement ingredients. This transparency is a result of the 2016 overhaul on supplement regulations in Canada. Health Canada addressed many concerns surrounding supplement companies fabricated or misleading claims surrounding their products. These issues were exposed to the buyer through both advertising and even on the product labels. Thankfully, Canada’s regulations have worked to diminish this mishap and make for a much safer and honest supplement market. You can now rest assured that the supplement market is better than ever, in terms of quality ingredients and honesty.

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Are Supplements Legal?

Yes, supplements are legal. Those who are new to supplements may mistake them for illegal substances such as performance enhancing drugs. You do not need a prescription to buy supplements, and they are not the same as pharmaceuticals. If you are a competitive athlete, it is always a good idea to check with your sports governing body (ex. WADA) to ensure no ingredients are banned within your sport. Just because an ingredient is banned for an athlete does not make it illegal, it just means the governing body has deemed the ingredient to give the athlete too much of a competitive edge. Many supplements that contained “banned ingredients” for sports are still taken by the public in a completely safe and legal manner.

Are Supplements Safe? 

Health Canada, similar to the FDA, is a high-level regulator that makes its decisions based solely off scientific methods, and does not have profits in mind when doing so. Health Canada has a categorizing system that exposes any health risk a supplement can pose to the buyer. This may sound worrying, but, it is good news! It indicates that the product you are buying has been tested and the ingredients have been verified.

As a rule of thumb, always purchase your supplements from a reputable establishment. Whether you are buying your supplements online or in-store, be sure to ask questions on anything you are unsure of. It is better to take a well-known, tested brand, over a cheaper brand that you are unable to find much information on. The employees of the store (both online and walk-in) should be able to answer your questions with a high level of expertise.

JackedScholar: We do the right thing, always.

At JackedScholar, we strive to give our customers as much guidance as possible. We have live chat agents available on our website and Facebook page that are happy to answer your questions! The more knowledge you gain about supplements, the more confident you will feel taking them.

In short, supplements are extremely safe as long as their function is right for you. Always check with your doctor to ensure the ingredients are right for you, and follow the label directions and dosages exactly as advised.

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