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Be Decisive, Be Patient

Dec 25 2017 0 Comments Tags: 5 Second Rule, Be Decisive, Be Patient, Mindset

The Power of Being decisive and employing patience

Being decisive is an integral part of a successful life, most of us spend way too much time in the “ thinking phase” , “ planning phase” , and “” questioning our ability phase” and not nearly enough time in the doing and executing phase. So many of us have not given ourselves a fair shot in life. We have great ideas, audacious goals, places we want to go, people we want to see, but we never set out and just do it. We perpetually put things off, make up an excuse for why we aren’t ready and tell ourselves we can't make it work. Now let's assume we are decisive, we pick a direction and go after it full steam ahead, many us do not have the patience to stick with things, battle through the trenches and have faith in our mission. Over the course of this blog we will discuss some strategies for being more decisive and understanding the importance of patience.

The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule is a great book by Mel Robbins, The basic premise of this book is that the moment you have the instinct to act on a goal you count backwards from 5,4,3,2,1 then physically move toward your goal before your brain can kill your instinct to act. The 5 second rule actually works and it is known is psychology circles as metacognition. Metacognition rules such as the 5 second rule are a way of tricking our brains into doing things we normally would not do. It has been proven that we have a 5 second window between having an instinct and our brain coming up with excuses as to why we shouldn't do it. I'm sure each and every person reading this blog has experienced this… think of the last time your good ol friend the brain convinced you out of doing something uncomfortable such as working out, doing laundry or reading a book. The brain has a funny way of doing everything it can to keep us comfortable and avoid anything that takes us out of comfort ( this is driven through evolution but that's a topic for another blog). So why does counting backwards work to keep us from delaying and spur us into action? Well there are two main reasons for this. 1. Counting backwards requires our attention and 2. It activates our prefrontal cortex which is used for decision making, which switches are mind off of default and into rapid decision making. We all know what we need to do in life to get to where we want to be but a lot of times we don't act we only think about acting. We won't feel like doing things all the time, but the 5 second rule can act as a catalyst to steer us away from procrastination, self doubt, and excuses and steer us towards productivity, chasing our dreams and working hard. The 5 second rule allows us to be decisive and avoid not taking action and losing out on our dreams.

Spur Your Workout Into Action

Employing Patience

Once we have learnt to become decisive and stop procrastinating on our goals in life we now need to learn how to deploy paitence and realize that we are never going to build the body of our dreams, the business of our dreams or the relationship of our dreams overnight. Everything in life that is worth having takes a commitment to start but once you have started you need to understand that nothing worth having happens over night. Most of us quit way to early on the journey toward our destination because we do not have the patience to put in the groundwork necessary. If you want the body of your dreams it's going to take you 5 years minimum to achieve this, the business of your dreams will take several years of hard work and dedication before things start to roll. BE PATIENT, time is on our side. Work hard towards your goals each and everyday and let time take care of the rest.

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