Bradley Martyn Crazy Multi-Year Transformation

Bradley Martyn Crazy Multi-Year Transformation

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Most of you know who Bradley Martyn is if you have ever watched a fitness related video on YouTube. For those of you who don't know, you can check out his channel here. The guy is a beast, there's no if's, and's, or but's about it!

He didn't always look like he does today. In fact, five years ago he was still a pretty yoked dude, but definitely a hell of a lot closer to the Average Joe than he is now.

Five long years ago...

Bradley Martyn Before Gains

Bradley Martyn 2016...

Not only is he a massive influence in the gym, he's also a pretty entertaining character outside of it. One of his best buddies is YouTube star Dom MazzettiThe two of them have a youtube channel together called BROS V.

Bradley Martyn Dom Mazzetti

Bradley Martyn Gains

Most people look at transformations like this and only see the final (or most recent) product. What they don't see is the years of hard work that go into it! Don't be discouraged by comparing yourself to someone else, focus on you and your current physique and do 1 more thing than you did yesterday to improve it!

Bradley Martyn 2016

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