Brand Spotlight: Believe Supplements

Brand Spotlight: Believe Supplements

Jul 21 2017 0 Comments

Believe Supplements is a new Canadian supplement brand breaking boundaries in the health and fitness supplement industry. Unlike many other supplement brands who use proprietary ingredient blends and make ingredient claims that aren't publicly verified, Believe Supplements is the world’s first supplement brand where every product is 3rd-party tested and the results are made public.

With a variety of products across Canada, Believe Supplements has made waves among athletes and trainers. Using an online tool at the brand’s website, anyone can see exactly what is in their batch of Believe Supplements products, verified by an independent testing lab.

Launched earlier this year, Believe Supplements’ commitment to transparency and integrity empowers athletes with control over exactly what they are putting in their bodies. Athletes and trainers like Phil Jones, Kristopher Ryan Scott, Michael Hinson, and Cath Bastien have taken to Instagram to sing Believe Supplements’ praises.

Cath Bastien Instagram Believe Supplements

Cath Bastien, Believe Supplements Athlete

A lifesaver to gym goers who tire of the same protein shake after every workout, Believe Supplements sells its Unflavored 100% ISO protein powder without flavours added; then, buyers can use the powder in recipes like protein pancakes or power balls without the powder affecting their taste. Alternatively, Believe Supplements also makes a Protein Flavour Pack so you can buy more than one and choose what flavour to make your daily protein shake on the spot instead of committing to one flavour for an entire tub of powder. The Protein Flavour Pack comes in eight different flavour options, ranging pineapple mango to caramel sundae, sure to fit anyone’s preferences.

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Besides protein powders, Believe Supplements offers several top of the line supplement options for other needs as well. The brand’s Sugar Balance targets insulin sensitivity, supporting weight loss and appetite control. Corti Balance supports the hormone systems that contribute to metabolism, stress control, and sleep cycles, improving the quality of recovery time between workouts. And, Pre + Pump offers extreme pre-workout energy and focus without sugar.

Believe Supplements also produces stylish, high quality apparel and accessories perfect for use alongside their other products before, during, and after your workout.

Available at JackedScholar, Believe Supplements products bring the best of health and fitness supplements to athletes. While many other brands fail to live up to the claims on their labels, Believe Supplements prioritizes honesty and puts consumers first with its products and brand philosophy. BELIEVE in what you put into your body.

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