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Campus Rep Snapshot: Riley Deveau - Fanshawe College

Jun 20 2016 0 Comments Tags: Campus Rep Snapshot, Fanshawe College

Name: Riley Deveau @Blackdogfitness

What school are you a rep for and what are you studying: Fanshawe College - Entrepreneurship.

What other activities do you participate in on campus: I am currently working on black belts in both Judo and BJJ.

Workout of choice: Powerlifting.

Favourite exercise: Deadlift (although due to an injury I can't currently do it.. so sad)

What made you want to join #TeamJS as a Campus Rep: I met TeamJS at the Toronto Pro Supershow and they left a huge impact on me!

How did you get started on your fitness journey: I was really overweight and sick of it. I started doing bicep curls and bench press trying to get jacked. I had no idea what I was doing but at least I was at the gym! And from there I learned, grew, and became who I am today.

Favourite supplements/stacks: I'd say my favourite supplement of all time is caffeine. A lot of people don't look at it as a supplement but other than Creatine, it's the most studied compound there is, in relation to fitness. 

Most fulfilling moment as a Campus Rep: I am very new as I have just recently joined, but the congratulations from friends and family was amazing!

Favourite gym tracks:

- Rolling in the deep remix - Lil Wayne

- Native Tongue - Quinn XCII

- Dark Times - The Weeknd Ft Ed Sheeran

- Intro - NF

    What advice would you give to others who are looking to make a change in their life: Be consistent, and don't worry if you make mistakes. As long as you're on this path, and progressing, no matter how slowly, you're bettering yourself and that's all that matters.

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