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4 Ways To Increase Dopamine In Your Brain

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We have several neurotransmitters in our brains, all of which serve different functions keeping us neurologically satisfied. If you lack motivation to workout or motivation to get started on that project you have been putting off it could very well be that you do not have optimal levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Unfortunately you cannot just take dopamine and all of a sudden be a superhuman crushing Navy Seal like workouts and creating 3 new products a week. In the same breath there are natural ways for you to stimulate the production of this neurotransmitter and over the course of this blog we will look at 4 of the best ways. Let's get to it.

Increase Tyrosine in your diet

Tyrosine is an amino acid which is a foundational building block of dopamine. Without tyrosine we are unable to synthesize dopamine. Tyrosine is the peanuts to dopamine peanut butter. ( neither of them have any properties of peanuts or peanut butter but you get the idea, you can't have one without the other) there are several food you can eat to increase your intake of tyrosine, which in turn will help your body with the production of dopamine. These foods include but are not limited to,  Eggs, Steak, Nuts, Avocado and everyone's favorite, coffee. 

Here is a little more on Tyrosine


After a good workout we have all left the gym and felt that amazing mental high; walking out of the gym doors you feel like Dwayne the Rock Johnson mixed with Connor Mcgregor and Justin Timberlake. This feeling is with good reason! Following exercise our brain releases serotonin, endorphin's and yes Dopamine!  Next time you think of putting your workout off think of how much better you will feel not only physically but mentally as well. Tight on Time? No problem; Check these out.

The December Bulk is Upon Us

Do Creative Work Everyday

Have you ever noticed when you do something creative you get into a state of flow. When we enter flow the outside world ceases to exist and you are deep within your craft. This feeling is incredible and is spurred by creative work. Creative work has been shown in several studies to increase dopamine production within the brain. Find something you love and do it each and everyday even if it isn't your full time job. After work come home and dedicate time each and everyday to doing something you love. Play the guitar, have a hard workout, write a poem, write a book, write lyrics to a song; do something creative each and everyday.

Take Dopamine Enhancing Supplements

Some of the best Dopamine enhancing supplements include Curcumin, L- Theanine L- Tyrosine. All of these supplements can help increase levels of dopamine and leave you feeling sharper and more motivated to attack life. The synergistic effects of exercise, creative work, supplements and increasing your intake of natural sources of tyrosine is a sure fire way to have your brain firing on all cylinders. Boost your brain with Amino-IQ

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