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Fruits vs Vegetables: Which Are Better?

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Fruits vs Vegetables

It is clear that a healthy balanced diet should contain plenty of both fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, but no one has really asked the question which is better and why? Today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of each in order to help you maintain a balanced diet.

Unfortunately, we are not eating enough fruit and veg. I don’t mean me or necessarily you, but as a world population things like obesity and diet related diseases have increased and this is due to the lack of healthy diet across the population.

While it is difficult to bunch all fruits and compare them to all vegetables, there are things you can generalise about both to determine which is better for a healthy diet.

To start with, we are all aware of the negative effects that sugar has on a diet. And vegetables contain significantly less sugars in than fruits. Fruits such as grapes and bananas and apples all contain high levels of sugars so these should be enjoyed in a moderate way and balanced well with high intakes of vegetables.

Here are some other comparison points:


Vegetables such as spinach and asparagus contain very high levels of iron. When comparing these to grapes or blueberries there is no comparison. So, if you are lacking in iron, it is best to go for a green vegetable for a natural fix.

Vitamin A

If you are looking for Vitamin A then consider sweet potatoes and carrots as these are incredibly high for this. The nearest fruit alternative (dried apricots) contains no where near as much. Although if snacking, dried apricots can still be beneficial as they are highest of fruits and vegetables when looking for some fiber in your diet. Avocados are not far behind.

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Vitamin C

There is a general link between oranges and high levels of Vitamin C. While they do contain a good amount of vitamin C, a lot more can be found in yellow and red peppers. Believe it or not yellow peppers actually contain quite a bit more Vitamin C than oranges. However, it should be said that Kiwis are relatively high in Vitamin C and are higher than green peppers, broccoli and even oranges.

If you are going to consume lots of vegetables, some of the best you can eat are the green ones. Dark green leafy vegetables such as Broccoli, spinach and kale are excellent sources of Vitamins A, C and K as well as containing plenty of iron and calcium. Green vegetables have even been credited with improving vision and boosting your immune system.

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For a healthy diet you will need a good balance of vegetables as well as fruits, the benefits of both cannot be removed from a diet. Fruit has many health benefits, although it is not always as high in some the essential vitamins names above, it is still a lot higher than many other foods in this aspect. Although fruit is higher in sugar levels than most vegetables, it  is also an excellent snack when compared to a bar of chocolate or crisps.

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