How To Stay Motivated For The Gym

How To Stay Motivated For The Gym

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Gym Motivation: Why We Need It

Many people go to the gym, some because they want to, some because they feel that they need to. What also differs is each individual's mindset. The gym can be a fearful place. A building full of judgement and perceptions of low self-esteem can compound against the right motivation.

Our workout motivation can come from many places. We might want to get healthier and improve our potential lifespan, or it's very possible that all we want is to improve our appearance. Strength and overall fitness are the usual goals for many, and these are usually more popular when the gym is part of a training for a sport or upcoming “beach season”.

Motivation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Internally motivated people tend to last longer while chasing their goals, and are not as hindered by minor setbacks. Internal motivation is linked to trying to beat oneself, or become a better version of the person that they were the day before. Externally motivated are usually chasing something such as a physique, or to be better than someone else. While this type of motivation can be effective, it usually isn’t the most successful in the long run.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation

How To Find Motivation

Before we discuss how to stay motivated, we need to discuss actually finding your motivation. Motivation is easier to attain when you have a certain goal or ending in mind. Perhaps it’s a fitness goal in the shape of a certain event such as a marathon or a boxing match. Or maybe it’s shredding a few pounds before a summer vacation at the beach.

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Knowing your goal is the first step, as these goals are where your motivation is found. When you find it difficult to begin just think 'How can I get to where I want to be, if I don't even start?'. It may sound cliche but it is the simple truth of the matter. This simple method is not just applicable for the gym, but also for any difficult decision or task that requires motivation. Just ask yourself the same question and tell yourself that every journey began with a single step. Almost anything in life that is worthwhile is difficult to attain, and requires consistent hard work and patience.


How To Stay Motivated

Once you have found your motivation, the next step is staying in that mindset. Get yourself a little obsessed with your goals. Prepare for the gym. Get yourself the right attire and accessories. It’s like the saying goes, 'If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail'. Feel good before you go and you'll feel good when you leave.

Here are some top tips that are tried and tested. Make yourself a motivational music playlist. Not just a playlist of music you like, but music that fits in with your workout. Pair running on the treadmill with a fast-paced dance track that has a strong bass and beat to keep you pumped up.

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Another very important factor is to keep yourself hydrated and ready to go. Dehydration makes you feel weak and that is the moment you feel your drive drop. If you are truly exhausted, instead of calling it quits try lightening the load for that session, or slowing down slightly.

Important, just like hydration, is the rest of your diet. Be sure that you are getting the proper vitamins and nutrients along with sufficient protein for recovery.

Stopping completely won't help in the long run and can make you feel like you have let yourself down and mentally this can do nothing but demotivate you. Whereas if you carry on, even if you are moving a little slower or lifting a little lighter you can congratulate yourself on carrying on and still moving forward.

It is easier to start and carry on, then it is to start, stop and restart.

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