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Importance of Training in Multiple Planes

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The human body was built to move in several anatomical planes. Unfortunately 99 percent of people's training only encompasses moving in one plane of movement for most if not all workouts. Our body can be broken up into three distinct planes; the coronal or frontal plane; The sagittal plane or lateral plane and lastly the axial plane or transverse plane. Moving within all three planes is vital for keeping your body strong, healthy and balanced. Over the course of this blog we will look into each plane of movement and how you can incorporate the proper movements into your training so that you move within all three planes of movement. Let's get started.

Coronal or Frontal Plane

This Plane divides the body into ventral and dorsal sections for an easier way to think about it; this plane divides the body into the belly and back. Oddly the exercises you perform to work the frontal plane actually consist of side to side motion; in order to work this plane you can add exercises into your training such as lateral lunges, kettle-bell overhead lunges, cable pulls into a lunge. For several practical examples i have included a great video with several a ton of amazing frontal plane exercises click here.

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Sagittal or Median Plane

This plane divides the body into the left and right as well as the back and front. Within this plane we are using our muscles to move the body forward and backwards; think of this plane as extension and flexion. Some great exercises to work this plane include; Romanian deadlift, lunges, bicep curls, bench press, squats, dumbbell press, overhead press, most of the exercises the average person does in the gym consist of moving within the sagittal plane; therefore there is really no need to add any more exercises of this kind into your routine. One of my favorite exercises in this plane is the deadlift. Unfortunately most people have terrible form when performing this exercise. Check This Out to Improve Your Form

Transverse Plane

Moving in the Transverse plane is essential for optimized health and performance. This Plane separates the body into superior and inferior parts. This plane of human movement is the most neglected in training programs. Movements within this plane will leave you a more dynamic, balanced and strong person. Great exercises you can include into your training program to work within this plane include; rotational medicine ball throws, landmine Romanian deadlifts, cable twists, and reaching side lunges. Learn more about this Plane and Movements Involved.

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