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Let's HIIT It!

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HIIT exercise is taking the fitness world by storm – with good reason. The promise of halving your workout time and doubling your results has had tons of people foaming over the prospect. It’s been thoroughly explored and implemented in all types of fitness regimes, from Les Mills group sessions, martial arts classes and Crossfit, to at home routines like Insanity and the 90-day 30lbs type challenges. The questions are… what is it? Is it a gimmick? How does it work? How effective is it really?

What is it?

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training is a method of exercise that works by alternating short bursts of high-intensity anaerobic exercise with short low-intensity active recovery periods, essentially flipping the traditional style of exercise involving long periods of rest and moderate-intensity, short periods of effort. The net effect is a workout that keeps the heart rate up and burns fat in shorter periods of time, you can burn up to 375 calories in a 30 minute HIIT exercise.

What Does It Do?

HIIT exercise sends your body into EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which is the scientific term for the "afterburn" effect. Essentially the rigor of HIIT exercise sends your body into EPOC which is the body’s way of getting back to equilibrium (homeostasis), a process that is energy intensive, burning calories long after your workout is over. Research suggests this can last from a period of 16 to 24 hours post-workout! Can anyone say jackpot?

The Results

Studies also show that HIIT exercise stimulates the natural bodily production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by 400 percent for up to 24 hours post-workout. HGH is involved in the development and processes of muscular and skeletal growth and development, metabolic rate (weight loss), cardiovascular health, mood and cognitive function (Check out this product to help increase your cognitive function).

These will help you along the way

The best part about HIIT exercise, it’s cheap, it’s convenient… for the person who doesn’t have a lot to spend, the only costs are the clothes you wear on your back. HIIT requires no equipment; body weight is all you need to get your heart rate going and to keep it there. It doesn’t take very long to get an effective HIIT exercise; 30 minutes can do the trick. Last but not least… it’s hard, it’s challenging! One workout is usually good for one to two days. For the individual who’s trying to lose some weight, build some strength, or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, incorporating HIIT exercise into their weekly routine will have nothing but benefits.

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