Losing Weight While Still Enjoying The Summer

Losing Weight While Still Enjoying The Summer

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Losing Weight While Still Enjoying The Summer

Meeting your goal of losing weight will always come with moments that will tempt you off the path. Summer, with its longer days and bright evenings, is a prime season for socializing and getting into bad habits. Luckily, you can still lose weight and enjoy yourself. Here are some tips to help you make the most of summer.

Food To Lose Weight

First, you can still eat healthily and indulge in some good food – in summer, they’re one and the same. Seasonal fruit and veg can be eaten fresh in snacks and meals, from berries, melon and apricots to beets, corn, cucumber, lettuce and peas.

For breakfast, you can put some of these berries into a smoothie – a good choice year-round. Another typical summer meal to add these to is salad. Salad has a bad rap for boring lettuce and unhealthy dressings, but there are hundreds of options out there to suit everyone. You can go Mediterranean on the dressing with a bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar, or add chilies for a metabolism boost.

For other meals, you might want to laze in the heat, but home cooking is always better than eating out. Grilling is a healthy way to cook, so fire up the barbecue. Just watch your carbohydrate intake with those burger buns. And swap the sugary barbecue sauce for healthier mustard: any spicy food is another way to up your metabolism.

If you can follow a good diet the rest of the time, the odd treat, like alcohol, is fine. But keep water as your main source of hydration. In warmer weather, if you don’t exercise as frequently as usual, your body can retain some fluid and make it seem like you’ve gained weight when you haven’t.

Exercise To Lose Weight

We’ve mentioned before that you shouldn’t skip leg day, and that rest days are important to avoid fatigue and injury, but can you skip the gym every now and again to enjoy the summer? The answer is yes and no. Ideally you should keep gong to the gym, but if you find you can’t, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world (or your body condition).

It’s important to do something active even if you don’t do a full workout. This can be any form of cardio, from carrying shopping from the corner store to going out for a run – make the most of the early sunrise and get up before it gets too hot. Do at least 30 minutes at an elevated heart rate.

You can also do mild-intensity strength training at home, from push-ups to squats. It keeps the metabolism working and slows down loss of condition. If you plan to combine it with cardio, whether at home or at the gym, lift first and do cardio second for the best metabolism boost.If you’re going to work out less, work out intelligently.

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Of course, you can still fit in exercise and socializing at the same time. It’s still not a full workout, but it’ll keep you in shape and losing weight. Summer opens up a whole host of fun activities: frisbee, tennis, swimming, cycling…

There are plenty of options out there for helping you to keep losing weight and enjoy summer to the fullest. So, eat, drink, and be healthy.

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