The Difference Between Mr. Hyde & Mr. Hyde Cutz

The Difference Between Mr. Hyde & Mr. Hyde Cutz

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We all know that Mr. Hyde is one of the most effective and powerful pre-workouts on the market. You might also know that ProSupps, the people behind Mr. Hyde, have also made a variant called Mr. Hyde Cutz. What you might be wondering, though, is what the big differences between these products are. Fear not, we’ve got you covered on that.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde:

The original Mr. Hyde functions like you would expect a pre-workout would. You take a scoop of this before you go to the gym when you’re feeling tired and/or unmotivated, and it gives you the energy to go through your workout no problem. The original also has a dose of Creatine Nitrate, to which is easier to absorb than normal Creatine, and helps give you an extra pump to your workouts. Lastly, Mr. Hyde also contains Agmatine Sulfate, for muscle-swelling pumps, and Infinergy blend for maximum focus.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde Cutz:

Mr. Hyde Cutz is also a pre-workout, much like the original Mr. Hyde. However, unlike most pre-workouts, Mr. Hyde Cutz is 100% Creatine free! On top of that, it has some of the most common fat burning ingredients, including:

  • CLA, which boosts metabolic rates and keeps cholesterol levels in check
  • L-Carnitine, reduces fatigue and suppresses appetite, as well as transport fatty acids for energy
  • Capsicum, which is used to treat various digestion problems

*BONUS: Mr. Hyde Cutz also contains Teacrine, which helps to provide you with increased focus and energy.

For more nutritional information on the two products, take a look at their nutritional labels compared side to side below:

Mr. Hyde vs. Mr. Hyde Cutz

Overall, both the original Mr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde Cutz are good in their own right. It all comes down to whether you want a normal pre-workout, or a creatine-free pre-workout that helps you "cut".

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