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Periodization: What is it and Why do it?

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Periodized Training

A pillar of any solid bodybuilding or strength training program involves proper periodization. Without periodization you will hit plateaus and cease to grow. Anyone that has made great gains in the gym has at some point made a point to periodize their program. Over the course of this post we will look into one of the most well known  forms of periodization, Why you should do it and we will finish the post with a mock periodized plan.

Why Periodize Your Training

Training is a stimulus and like any stimulus in life your body will get use to it if it doesn't change. In a very simple way think of when you first started drinking coffee or alcohol. When you first started drinking either of the two, the stimulus of one drink would do a lot for you, but over time you needed to drink more drinks or drink stronger drinks to get the same effect. The same thing holds true for training. Your body loves a homeostatic state, meaning your body genuinely doesn't care to pack on muscle or get a 6 pack it's pretty content just doing what it needs to do to survive. When you are training and don't  change up the stimulus aka add more reps, add more weight, change rep ranges and rest time etc your body will adapt to the training stimulus and will cease to grow. 3 tips for Designing a good workout plan.

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Forms of Periodization

There are several ways you can incorporate periodization into your training, too many to post about in one blog, so today we will focus on DUP otherwise known as daily undulating periodization.DUP, periodized programs put an emphasis on changing the training stimulus every day.for an in depth look at DUP check this out. Let's assume you are looking to become stronger with a primary focus on strength training 3-5 reps at 90+ percent 1rm. DUP would have you focus on Strength training during 2-3 workouts,that week you would also have 1 focused hypertrophy workout and 1 focused power workout. Monday ( strength) Tuesday ( power) Wednesday ( strength) Thursday ( hypertrophy) Friday (  strength) as you can see the primary focus of the program is strength but on 2 of 5 training days the stimulus is changed and a different stimulus is put on the body. This allows for your body to never get comfortable under a given stimulus which in turn will ensure you don't hit plateaus and stop seeing results in your training. Another form of respected periodization is linear periodization. Linear periodization would look like this at the most basic level. 4-6 weeks strength phase Deload week 4-6 weeks hypertrophy phase deload week
4-6 weeks power phase followed by another deload week. We have covered the most basic principles of periodization in this article. If you would like to learn more I urge you to look into the work done by Dr. Micheal Zourdos.

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