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Principles: Live The Life of Your Dreams

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Principles From Ray Dalio

I assume most people who read this blog are high achievers in life. If you take care of your body each and every day, that takes serious dedication and I believe that bleeds into other areas of your life. I also believe that most people who read this blog want to get better in life, and not just in the gym but in their relationships, businesses, work output and day to day dealings with life. Over the course of this blog we are going to look at a few great concepts I came across in Ray Dalio’s book principles. Ray Dalio is an American Billionaire investor who comes from middle class roots and has been able to build one of the most successful companies in the history of America. So if you want to learn how to improve your life using the principles a multi billionaire used...keep reading.

Embrace Reality and Deal With It

Embracing reality is one of the toughest things for us to do. All too often we live with the stories we tell ourselves, which can be a far cry from what our reality truly is. Most people struggle to see what is true, when it's not what they want it to be. This is detrimental because it is more important to understand and deal with the bad stuff, since the good stuff will take care of itself. We must work hard to deal with the things that are holding us back in life and embrace the reality that exists. If you struggle with something in life, you have an amazing opportunity to embrace the truth, change your behavior, and grow. Personally, I struggled for a really long time with anxiety and was never able to live in the present moment because I was constantly worrying about what was coming next. Through meditation, caring for my body and regulating my thoughts, I've been able to take that anxiety and use it as fuel to push me towards creating my dreams. Don't push things under the carpet, deal with them and grow from them. If you do not do this, inevitably they will haunt you in life.

Protein is a Principle of Muscle Gain

Be Radically Open Minded and Radically Transparent

Being radically open minded and radically transparent is an essential part of a successful life. When we close our minds, we close ourselves off to an insane amount of knowledge and growth. When we are not transparent we have a hard time communicating how we are truly feeling and what we are thinking. Being radically open minded allows us to take feedback from others and improve our life exponentially. If we close our minds and hold our views on a pedestal we will never objectively look at our life and challenge what we presume to be true. This can lead to making massive mistakes that could of otherwise been avoided if we simply listened to others with an open mind. Being radically transparent is also an essential part to a successful life.

Being transparent rather than being guarded exposes us to criticism, which most of us fear. However, it is natural to fear criticism, and if we don't push ourselves and employ radical transparency, we won't learn and we will never know if our ideas and beliefs are on the right trajectory. When we guard our thinking and do not act with transparency we are unable to learn and generate feedback. This can lead us into the trenches, fighting battles we otherwise could have avoided if we were simply transparent with others. I urge you to really think about the above principles discussed and how you can implement them into your own life.

Like anything, changing your habits or your way of thinking takes time, so make a conscious effort to 1. Embrace reality and deal with it and 2. Be radically open minded and radically transparent.

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