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Product Spotlight: Allmax Creatine

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What Is it?

Creatine is by far the most researched and respected supplement available to consumers. More importantly, AllMax creatine is one of the highest quality creatine supplements on the market. Our bodies naturally produce creatine and it is used within the body whenever we are doing something that entails maximal effort such as a 1RM deadlifts, bench press, squats or an all-out sprint. This system is known as the phosphocreatine system, this system allows the body to meet energy demands. When we use ATP, we create a by-product known as ADP. Creatine allows us to replenish ATP by donating a P to ADP which in turn produces ATP. This system can work without using oxygen and occurs within the sarcoplasm of our muscles. Creatine -Specifically AllMax creatine- helps our bodies increase muscle size and strength, enhance recovery and improve maximal effort lifts by utilizing the phosphocreatine system. Ultimately, this system will ensure that we can meet the energy demands of our exercise regime. Another key component to creatine consumption is that it allows our sarcoplasm to retain more water, which in turn will lead to larger looking muscle mass.

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When To Take It

This supplement should be taken every single day. The size of your body will dictate how many grams of creatine you should take per day. Someone who weighs only 140 pounds should take roughly 5-6 grams per day, whereas someone who is 200+ pounds should take 10-12 grams per day. Several studies have shown that creatine is optimally digested when taken in conjunction with a sugar based beverage such as orange juice or grape juice. This supplement should be taken seven days a week (consistency is key) with your creatine cycle lasting for 6-8 weeks. You should then cycle off for 3 weeks and continue this routine for as long as you like.

Yeah This Stuff Works; I bet you Want It

Flavour Profile

This supplement comes unflavoured, so you can simply mix it with your drink of choice and consume the recommended amount of grams per day.

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AllMax is one of the top supplement brands on the market and have been around for almost two decades.They believe in rigorus testing of each and every supplement. Their brand is built on good science, innovation and quality results. They believe in always bringing the best products to the table and never settling for mediocre results. AllMax is about maximum results. If you want to take a supplement built on hard science, you found it with AllMax creatine!

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