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Product Spotlight: MusclePharm Assault Sport

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Price/Servings: $34.99 CAD/30 servings

What is it: 

Assault sets the standard in pre-workouts for athletes looking to achieve peak results. University-studied and designed specifically for the modern-day athlete, Assault features Creatine and Beta-Alanine—2 proven and researched performance-enhancing ingredients for lean body mass, strength & power output and improved recovery time.

For optimal energy levels, Assault contains a time-released carbohydrate matrix as well as the new and innovative ingredient TeaCrine®, which provides long-lasting, non-habit forming energy with a heightened, stimulated sense of focus. Together, these highly effective and scientifically validated ingredients create the most effective pre-workout on the market today. Achieve greater force, higher velocity, more lean muscle mass and improved endurance. Take your game to the next level with Assault!

When to take it:

20-30 minutes before your workout. For those who are sensitive to beta alanine, and do not like the slight tingling feeling you can get from it - it is recommended to take closer to your workout (5-10 minutes) to help avoid the tingles as you can start activity sooner.

More input on timing for pre-workouts can be found HERE.

Flavour Profile:

MusclePharm Assault has always stuck close to the traditional fan favourite flavours. However, they changed things up with the new MusclePharm Assault Sport by adding a Green Apple, and Strawberry Ice flavour to the traditional Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch flavours.

*Strawberry Ice is a must try - There isn't much out there that tastes like it!

Why MusclePharm:

The brand reputation and integrity speaks for itself. They have been around the game for a long time, and have continued to deliver products that surpass customers expectations. The 4th Generation of C4 is no exception, and it's sure to take your workouts to the next level!

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Check out the MusclePharm Assault BLACK version of this powerhouse pre-workout! A powerful blend of premium ingredients, with no proprietary blends.

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  • This product tastes amazing…. and works great.
    This is a must have item for anyone who has used products that provide results.

    Dino Bellavista on

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