Product Spotlight: Nutrabolics Stim-X –

Product Spotlight: Nutrabolics Stim-X

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Product Spotlight: Nutrabolics Stim-X

Price/Serving: $39.99/30 Serve

What is it:

Stim-X is a pre-workout unlike any other, combining 10 clinically proven, perfectly measured ingredients to energize every fibre of your muscles. Using the most powerful, legally-available high-stim ingredients, Stim-X was designed to give you increased focus, alertness, energy, and better muscle pumps. There's no other pre-workout quite like Stim-X on the market.

How to take it:

Add one scoop of STIM-X (6g) to 8 oz - 10 oz/250ml - 300ml of cold water and shake for a few seconds. Take it 15 minutes before exercise. Start out with one serving to figure out your tolerance level before considering increasing the dosage. Never exceed two servings per day. Combine with a diet and exercise program for maximum results.

For input on using Pre-Workouts can be found HERE.

Flavour Profile:

Stim-X comes in the same 4 flavours you loved in many of their other products, including the always popular Fruit Punch, Candy Blast, Black Cherry Lime, and Iced Raspberry.

Why Nutrabolics:

Nutrabolics is committed to innovation in the supplement industry. Whether it's for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, Nutrabolics prides itself on delivering scientifically advanced supplements with optimal results. Stim-X is just one example of this standard, and is sure to give your workout the extra boost you need. 

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