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The Only Obstacle Is You

Dec 11 2017 0 Comments Tags: inspiration, motivation, Your Only Obstacle is You

The only thing holding us back in life is ourselves. Whether you aren't hitting your goals in the gym, in your business, in relationships or in any other area of your life the one thing you can always blame is yourself. Do not blame genetics, poor circumstances, health issues or the person who “ fucked you over “ drop all of that and focus on the one thing you have control over and that is the way you react to each and every event life throws at you. This blog will not be based around diet or nutrition but instead we will talk about changing the way you view the obstacles life throws at you. You will learn to turn obstacles into opportunities, instead of allowing them to crush you. Roughly a year and a half ago i was introduced to Stoic Philosophy from one of my mentors. Following this i began reading two books, meditations by Marcus Aurelius and the obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday. Both of these books and the knowledge within them has changed my life. I hope this blog post leads you to looking deeper into stoic philosophy to help you achieve your goals and crush any obstacle in your path.The Obstacle is The Way.

Every Obstacle is the seed of an equal or greater opportunity

Viewing obstacles as a way to improve and get better is one of the most empowering and beautiful mindsets you can deploy in order to achieve anything you want in life. You failed your math exam? Good now you have the opportunity to take the course again, and prepare yourself to do well in future math courses. You didn't get into the University you wanted to? Great now you can go to a smaller school and potentially have a higher GPA and network much easier with professors and your peers. You got diagnosed with a chronic illness? Awesome you can do everything in your power to live a solid life and be an inspiration to others. Your business idea failed ? Awesome now you know what people don't want and you have a better feel for the market. Take this idea and apply it to whatever is going wrong in your life right now. How can you turn whatever adversity you are going through into a lesson that allows you to learn and come back stronger. If we begin to use obstacles as building blocks instead of burdens our life is completely transformed.

Don't Just Amplify Your Mindset; Amplify your Muscle Mass 

The Only Thing We Control is our Reaction to a given Situation

Can you control the weather? No ,can you control the way people treat you? No, Can you control getting a physical injury? No, can you control who your parents are? No.Truly the only thing we have full control over in life is the way we react to a given situation. I want you to sit back and truly think about that for a second. Every event that happens in your life happens externally, following the event you internalize what happened and you choose the way you react to it. You can't control if your car breaks down, if you wife cheats on you, if your business fails or if you get diagnosed with a chronic illness but you can choose the way you react to each and every situation.Next time something happens to you instead of reacting emotionally right away, sit back, take it for what it is and come up with an actionable plan to overcome whatever obstacle stands in your way. “There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means” - Ryan Holliday.

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