Top 5 Reasons Why a Pre-Workout Might Be Good For You

Top 5 Reasons Why a Pre-Workout Might Be Good For You

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Top 5 Reasons Why a Pre-Workout Might Be Good For You

You may have heard about pre-workouts, and how popular they are. But you might be wondering, “What benefits would they have for me?”. Well, wonder no more, because here’s our list of the top 5 reasons a pre-workout might be good for you.

1. Increased Energy

What better way to start off this list than to talk about the number one benefit of taking a pre-workout. Say you’ve just come back from a long and busy day. You still want to go to the gym for your workout routine, but you’re feeling tired and unmotivated. That’s where the pre-workout comes in. Just take a scoop of the stuff about a half hour (check the label of your pre-workout for detailed instructions) before your workout, and it’ll give you the energy you need to get back ‘in the zone’.

2. Improved Endurance

You now know that pre-workouts can increase your energy, but did you know they can also increase your endurance? This is thanks to an ingredient known as Beta-Alanine working with the amino acid L Histidine to form the dipeptide carnosine, which scientists believe reduces the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, which in turn increases the bodies anaerobic capacity. This means that you can go much longer without tiring.

Muscle Pump

3. Fat Loss

An extra benefit of taking a pre-workout is that it can help you burn off fat. One of the key ingredients in pre-workouts is caffeine, a common ingredient in thermogenic fat burners, which burn fat by increasing your body heat. Between the caffeine and your workout, you’ll be burning off fat like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Improved Focus

You probably know it’s important to be focused during your workout. Thankfully, the caffeine in pre-workouts not only helps you burn fat, but also improves your focus. This helps to prevent you from becoming mentally strained after your workout.

5. Improves Muscle Pump

For the unaware, a muscle pump is when a muscle is engorged with blood. This results in enhanced protein synthesis, which promotes muscle growth, and decreased muscle breakdown. Pre-workouts deliver an ingredient called arginine to the body, which increases its production of nitric oxide, which in turn delivers more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles, improving your pump. Great news for those of you focused on strength training.

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