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Top 6 Podcasts for Those Interested in Health

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There are several things you can do each and everyday to make yourself more knowledgeable on a given topic and knowledge is power if applied. Before we get into the blog posts i want to make note of something critical to self improvement and that is taking the knowledge you have worked hard to gather and applying it!!! I know way too many people who read multiple books per month, listen to multiple podcasts a week and read article after article but never apply the information they are have worked so hard to gain. A critical component of self growth is taking the knowledge you have acquired and applying it, actually doing something with it. Over the course of this blog we are going to look at 6 of the best podcast episodes for your journey in health and fitness, let's get at it.

Top 6 Health Podcasts

1) This first Podcast episode talks about strength training, shredding body fat, increasing testosterone and sex drive. The man Tim Ferriss  interviews in this podcast is the Strength Sensei; Charles Poliquin, one of the most respected strength and conditioning coaches in the world. Once you have finished this podcast you can find another great one with Tim and Charles on Tim’s site.

2) This next episode is amazing from the homies at barbell shrugged, this podcast  talks about the bio-mechanics behind the difference between back squats and front squat, you will also learn about FMS tests and how you can give your body the best chance at staying injury free here it is

3) Dr. Andy Galpin Holds a PhD in muscle metabolism and his podcast and website is absolutely jam packed with amazing and practical knowledge This specific episode goes in depth on how you can optimize your athletic performance, 100 percent worth a lesson. Enjoy

4) Dr. Layne Norton Holds a PhD and runs an absolutely amazing and informative website as well as YouTube channel, this particular podcast episode is a little bit abstract as they look discuss how they became entrepreneurs in the health and fitness industry. For anyone looking to start their own small business in the health industry this is for you click here.

5) Once again we are brought back to the Tim ferriss podcast and this time its for good reason we get treated to a two hour podcast with the Iron Games O.G. Dorian Yates this man won the Mr. Olympia 6 times in a row and drops some serious knowledge bombs in this episode.

Combo Deals For Those Looking for Gains

6)  Last but not least we turn our attention to the Joe Rogan Podcast and specifically the episodes that involve Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Rhonda Patrick is what i like to call the Yoda of all things health. She is such a brilliant woman who always provides excellent applicable information for improving your health and well being. She is featured on multiple podcast episodes on the Joe Rogan Podcast and also runs her own podcast at found my fitness.                                         

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