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Top Songs For Working Out

Feb 26 2018 0 Comments

Nothing is better than walking into the gym with a fresh playlist and hitting the weight with some extra drive and focus because you are fired right up listening to some new music. Music has been shown in several studies to increase physical performance, attention and focus when working out. Over the course of this blog i am going to share 10 artists and their songs that fire me up and help me crush my workouts and if even one of these songs is added to your gym playlist I will feel I have done my job. I know there is nothing better than getting some fresh tunes so let's get to it.

1) 50 cent; this O.G. has some of the best songs for getting after it below are some of my favourites:
1) Back Down
2) What Up Gangsta
3) Patiently waiting
4) Back down
5) Many Men
6) I'll whip ya head
7) 0-100

The Story of 50 Cent

2) Russ; this new rapper has come onto the scene and made a name for himself his flow is always geared around being an underdog and accomplishing your goals anyway some great tunes include:
1) Flip
2) The Game
3) The Formula
4) Im Here
5) MVP
6) 10 Year Freestyle

Russ The Come Up

3) Jay-Z; this man built an empire and his music tells the story of grinding, making money and getting after it each and everyday some fan favourites for working out include:
1) You Don't Know
2) Public service announcement
3) 99 problems
4) Bam
5) N***as in paris
6) Dirt Off Your Shoulder

The Story of HOV

4) J Cole; this man knows what it takes to start from the bottom and make it to the top of the rap game his music is a sure fire way to get fired up for a workout
1) Dollar and a dream:
2) Rise and shine
3) Who dat
4) No role modelz
5) Black Friday
6) G.O.M.D.

5) The Man from the 6 aka Drake is one of the best for throwing together hard beats that get you ready to attack weights like you are Dwayne the Rock Johnson some of his best include:
1) Energy
2) 10 bands
3) Know tellin
4) 6 god
5) Started from the bottom
6) Pound cake
7) Diplomatic immunity
8) Look alive
9) 0-100
10) The Motto

If these songs dont fire you up, this will 

6) Big Sean; one of the best enough said: 
1) Bounce back
2) Moves
3) Go legend
4) Big bidness
5) Whos stopping me
6) Pull up n wreck
7) In tune

7) The old School rock band can fire anyone up they are the kings of helping people get rowdy:
1) Back in black
2) Thunderstruck
3) Shook me all night long
4) Money honey
5) Shoot to thrill
6) Big balls

8) Meek Mill; this rapper from Philly has some great music to get you fired up before getting after it: 
1) War Pain
2) Dreams and nightmares
3) Monster
4) Rico

9) Kendrick Lamar; need i say more ?
1) DNA
2) Humble
3) Money trees
4) Poetic justice
5) Black Panther
6) Big Shot

10) Kaleo; this badass rocker from iceland will be sure to fire you up: 
1) No Good
2) Hot Blood
3) Broken Bones

Hope this helps you and your workouts before we end i forgot about the OG himself 2pac some great tunes by 2pac include: 
1) Ambitionz az a ridah
2) All eyes on me
3) Can't see me
4) One day at a time

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