Why Strength Training is Better Than Cardio

Why Strength Training is Better Than Cardio

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Why Strength Training is Better Than Cardio

First off, we are NOT saying that cardio doesn’t have a place in your workout routine. In fact, cardio can be a very good compliment to your workout routine, and is great for improving your overall health. However, when it comes to getting the most out of your workouts, you simply can’t beat strength training. Here are some reasons why we feel strength training is better than cardio.

First and foremost, strength training is just overall better for building muscle. You can build some muscle doing cardio, but it won’t be much, and it will all be focused around the lower legs. With strength training, though, you’ll be building muscles in many places in your body, and you’ll be building more of them, too. When it comes to building muscle mass and sculpting your body, strength training just can’t be beat. (tip: a good protein powder can go a long way in helping you build muscle)

Secondly, strength training is better for your metabolism. Yes, you burn calories while running or cycling, but once you stop, your body stops burning calories. When you do strength training, however, you’re not just burning calories while working out, but you’ll also be burning them during rest due to your muscles taking the energy to repair themselves. This, along with building muscle at the same time, is yet another advantage that strength training has over cardio.

And finally, strength training is good for anti-ageing and better for longevity. As you get older, you begin to lose muscle mass, which in turn reduces the amount of calories you burn, which leads to weight gain and an increase in risk of health issues. Strength training helps you keep your muscle mass, and targets the fibres that make you lean and athletic. In addition, strength training is something you can do no matter how old you get. Cardio can be pretty hard for you in your elderly years, and won’t do much for your body outside of improving your cardiovascular system. Strength training can be done practically forever, with you modifying the difficulty to suit what you’re comfortable with. It also helps that strength training for your motor skills and joints, as well as muscles.

Cardio does have a place in your workout routine, but overall, strength training is the best for your health. With all of these benefits and more, there’s never been a better reason for you to start hitting those weights!

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