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Transformations come in all shapes and sizes, and can be very informative & motivating for others. Here at JackedScholar, we love to publish and promote the remarkable transformations that members of the #TeamJS community undergo!
Email a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) of your transformation for a chance to be interviewed and featured on our site!

#TeamJS Transformations

Kyle Dropped Over 100 Pounds For Family!

Not being able to keep up with his 3 year old daughter was the last straw for Kyle. He buckled down, set some goals and dropped over 100 pounds - See how he did it!

Roni Got Educated, Took Control And Helped Others!

Not very happy with where she was in life, Roni decided to get educated and make a positive change. She improved her health and is now a certified personal trainer helping others do the same - See how she did it!

Logan Did His Research And Shred 100 pounds!

Growing up the as the biggest kid in the room and feeling trapped in his own body led Logan to make a change. That change led to losing over 100 pounds - See how he did it!

Aaron Found Inspiration In An Instagram Post And Bulked Up!

After realizing that is isn't all about how much you can lift, but rather the form and quality of the reps that makes the difference, Aaron started packing on the lean mass - See how he did it!

Julie Bounced Back To Her Pre-Pregnancy Fit Form!

After a pregnancy that lead to an irregular heartbeat, Julie got back into fitness in pursuit of her previous fitness level - See how she did it!

John Came Back From Rock Bottom And Never Looked Back!

A former university football player, turned lawyer, let himself slip from his athletic roots. Realizing the health consequences, John turned his life around and dropped over 25 pounds - See how he did it!

Christina Learned To Love Herself And The Pounds Fell Off!

Christina grew up playing tons of different sports, but never felt like she had that "one thing" everyone else had. She found fitness and her personal growth has accelerated and it's changed her life - See how she did it!

A "Biggest Loser" Contest Sparked Dillon's Fitness Journey!

Dillon joined a "Biggest Loser" contest at work and never looked back - See how he lost over 100 pounds!

Julie Took Charge And Dropped 130lbs In A Year!

Julie decided that enough was enough and decided to take charge of her life. She dropped 130lbs in a year and has managed to keep it off and keep improving - Find out how she did it!

Justin Took a Smart Approach To Weight Loss

Justin was working hard, but not getting the results he wanted. He took a smarter approach to weight loss and shed the pounds - Find out how he did it!

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