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Are you a tight budgeted student? Trust us, we've been there. This stack is designed to offer you an economical whey protein paired with Amino-iQ, a BCAA loaded with nootropics for brain function and caffeine for energy. You can take it as a study aid when diving into those papers or even as a pre-workout pick me up!

Allmax Allwhey Classic (5lb)

Looking for a protein that tastes good that will help you reach your goals, while being economical? ALLWHEY Classic delivers it all! Incredible taste, 5 amazing flavors and a truly thick and creamy texture. ALLWHEY Classic delivers 30g of guaranteed, pure and tested whey protein in EVERY delicious serving!



ALLWHEY Classic is a premium Whey Protein Concentrate blended with Whey Protein Isolate delivering 30 g Protein in a 43 g serving, that’s a 70% yield; tested and guaranteed!

ALLWHEY delivers a clean, complete and whole protein made from the best source; 100% Whey Protein! Demand pure Whey Protein, great taste and amazing value.


Directions For AllWhey Classic: Blend, mix or shake 1 rounded scoop (43 g) with approximately 8 oz (250 ml or 1 cup) of water or low-fat milk depending on desired taste and consistency anytime you want a premium satisfying high-protein beverage. 

Beyond Yourself Amino-iQ (40 Serve)


The FIRST nootropic BCAA in the Canadian market! Beyond Yourself Amino-iQ is a 3:1:1 BCAA + COGNITIVE ENHANCING NOOTROPIC FORMULA.


Brain performance. Nootropics. Energy. Recovery. Endurance.


Male & female adults looking to enhance cognitive function, promote energy and peak performance levels while studying, at work, or in the gym.


  • Promotes alertness, wakefulness and enhances cognitive performance
  • Supports cognitive health and brain function
  • Relieves fatigue, promotes endurance and enhances motor performance
  • Source of essential amino acids to increase muscular protein synthesis
  • Assists in the building of lean muscle mass
  • Natural sweetener (Stevia) and natural colour (beet powder and tumeric)

Why It's Unique:

  • The FIRST nootropic BCAA in the Canadian market
  • Can be taken for both mental and physical performance
  • 3:1:1 vegan BCAA (3600mg Leucine) + Proven nootropic ingredients
  • Full recommended dose of ALPHA GPC (1200mg) for cognitive enhancement
  • Incredible candy flavours!
  • ZERO artificial dyes or sweeteners

Directions for use: Adults mix 1 scoop of AMINO-IQ with 6-12 oz of cold water immediately before consumption and drink it 30-45 minutes before your workout or as a nootropic aid during periods requiring mental alertness.


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